Lincolnshire-born to a family from elsewhere : is my sense of connection with this landscape enough to claim myself as Yellowbelly ?

On the Bluestone Heath road (Bronze-age, created by the earliest settlers of Lincolnshire) : I resonate.
On the Lincoln Cliff (side of a Geographically yellow-bellied valley partly responsible for the County's island-like situation) : I resonate.

Shot on the 20th anniversary of the album launch of "Quarantahiti" from "one of Lincolnshire's best bands", using a track omitted from the original release : I surrender to this landscape -

is my attachment to it just nostalgia & projection ?

It feels like more.

music : "Picnic on the grass" by Laurie Bennett And The Models

Words emerge half-formed to try to say I'm miles away
Having everything in the world to say gives the game away
Having nothing much at all to say isn't even saying
Having said it all before anyway day-out, day-in
If you're misty-eyed and all at-sea forgetting me : remember me
Sing a song that we can dance at three forgetting me : remember me

show at General Practice's 2018 group show "Yellow Belly" at 20-21 gallery, Scunthorpe, Jan-Mar 2018

© 2018 Daz Disley