Piccolo Adagissimo

(After Barber)

Duration : 60:00
Resolution : 1920 x 1080 (scaled in projection)
Aspect : 6:1
Format : H264
Sound : Stereo

Created for Festival x-12, "Picollo Adagassimo (After Barber)" is as much a temporary installation and time-and-site-specific intervention as it is a video.

Visually, what we see is a 9-metre-wide slow-motion letter-boxed first-person view of the sea at twilight.

The nearest place over the horizon is another continent.

We hear Barber's Adagio, in choral version, timestretched to 60 minutes duration.

The apparent source of the sound is not front-left/front-right, but eleven metres above us, somewhere in the ceiling.

The time is somewhere between 6 and 7 in the morning towards the end of a 12 hour overnight experimental festival -

- in the freezing cold of x-church

- at the beginning of December (2017)

We are tired. We are cold. We are waiting for sunrise.

We are moving, slowly, apparently toward nowhere, whilst above us in the freezing air : hangs a disembodied choir.

Every phrase, every note, every tension & release of the music : suspended, drawn-out ... as if in anticipation.

But of what ?

Together we have been on a journey, but now, as 90% of the audience sleeps : few of us remain to witness our progress ...

But to where ?

Are we alone - each individual the subject of the video : swimming perhaps, floating toward new lands ?

Or are we together somehow, a collective body, apparently adrift, at the mercy of the waves surrounding us ?

We have come through this together, and shortly : when the sun rises : we will be in another world.